Radio 1629am Newcastle 
Unforgettable 1629



Thank you to our people who listen to 1629.

Hi - just wanted to say we enjoy listening to your radio station - we live in Nashville TN - (but I am an Aussie from Melbourne) - the local channel just changed ownership and changed format - so we found you and we listen ever day (we are web developers and stream you in laptop and my phone as of today)...

Great station and great music - from you fans in Nashville, TN (Music City USA)....


Peter  30/1/2014

What has happened to Roy Hoffman and his Saturday program?
Lynda M 3/5/2014


I have been listening to your station for several years, and you have always provided excellent programming. Thanks for your devotion to providing a "home" for the wonderful music of years gone by. Each time I listen, I talk a journey down memory lane, and I recall the events of that time.

Thanks again from southern Illinois, USA

John Cawly 17/11/2013


I have been listening to your station for several years, and you have always provided excellent programming. Thanks for your devotion to providing a "home" for the wonderful music of years gone by. Each time I listen, I talk a journey down memory lane, and I recall the events of that time.

Thanks again from southern Illinois, USA

John Cawly  17/11/2013

A big "Thank You" from Station Manager, Alan Bidner, to those of you who have taken the time to e-mail us, we love to get your mail.
Radio 1629am is only a small narrow cast station and we love the music that we play for you.


Hope you are having a delightful day!

I am from Pakistan. I regularly tune in to your excellent programs for enjoyment as well as education. Your station has got me hooked to oldies, and everyday I discover some gem. The beautiful lyrics of old songs also help me improve my English.

There is only one thing that I often wish for... to know the name of the track and the artist. Would you be kind enough to embed this info in the stream?



Hello, I live in Costa Rica in Central America. I love this Radio station. when I return from my work tonight I love to listen in my way to home! thanks! ;)
José  Zúñiga
Great station, especially like your mix of various types of music and artists. I remember hearing "When You Were Sweet Sixteen" back in the 1940s. Listening from Ashburn Virginia, USA located a few miles from Washington, DC.
jack capurso

Thank You !


To hear the late Rita McNeal's voice was haunting. To honour her in far off Australia was very touching. Wish all of Canada and especially Cape Breton were aware of what a classy radio station you are. Lew  (listening in Tillsonburg Ontario Canada)


    Good afternoon,as a regular listener to this great radio station:

    I cannot let the day pass without commenting on one of the most pleasurable five hours  morning till 1500 hrs.this day.

    Listening to the likes of Deanna Durbin (Because) and so many other golden recordings-I am so pleased my day was  unencumbered

    so as my listening pleasure was uninterrupted.

    Thank you too. presenter. wonderful.


Bradley Garrett
Hi from Portugal - just to let you know 1629 AM is on button nr.1 of our internet radio. The world has suddenly become a VERY small place!!

You play REAL oldies... often before our time! Fascinating format.

We live in Luxembourg but have a place here in Mourao, Portugal where we stay most of the (northern) winter. We also have a caravan: when touring in Portugal/Spain we listen when possible (via campsites' wifi, etc.).

Good wishes to everyone, and thank you for the music.

Robin & Sarah King

P.S. Just heard you play Whitney Houston (02:15 or so, your time). Sad loss
Just listening to you. Im in Westbourne Bournemouth...
Great Stuff...
Steve Swainsbury 15/11/2012
Hi there Peter,

I wanted to thank you for downloading "Little Arrow", "Like The Sun" and "Do It With Style" from amrap. We love the work you do at 1629am, and your support of the community and Australian artists in general is admirable. Champions one and all !!!

Kevin Walton 9/11/2012
Helllo Australia,

My name is OJ Sagdahl and I am a radio enthusiast (DX-er) in Trondheim, Norway that collects radio stations. That is – I chase the AM-band for distant signals and contact the radio stations that I have heard with a so-called “reception report” to prove that I have heard them, and then ask if the station can confirm my reception. This is the ultimate proof of my reception and is what I collect. My main interest is AM stations in the Pacific, but they are really hard to get, so I only have 122 of them – 27 of them from Australia. You can see more about my listening location in Arctic Norway on


I am currently in Kongsfjord on a listening expedition and found a very interesting signal on 1629 kHz from 21 September (here). I heard a station with adult standards with very few announcements, but at 1:41 on 22 September 2012 (your local time) I heard the attached announcement. The station is interfered by several other stations on the frequency so I suggest that you use headphones when listening. You will hear a mal e voice with an announcement mentioning Friday night and “good to have your company” and then suggesting the listeners to tell their friends about the station. The announcer’s name is Alan – but I was not able to catch the last name.


Checking my lists the only station playing this kind of music on the frequency is your station. Also, I was able to identify several of the other stations of the frequency so that there were few options left.  Are you about to recognize your signal and confirm my reception of Hospital Radio Newcastle stations from this recording? I would be very happy to hear from you on this!


I am using an Perseus SDR receiver (a software defined radio) connected to my PC. See for more information. With this receiver I can receive up to 1600 kHz bandwidth at the same time and store it to disk. Then I listen through the saved data afterwards. The antenna used is a 500 meter wire directed towards New Zealand.

I have also attached a document with some other information about myself and my listening activities.


Best regards,


OJ in Norway


I am a regular listener to 1629am online and receive a great deal of pleasure from your programming. Living in a rural area (Inverell) during daylight hours we only have an am station and a couple of fm stations and one finds it hard to get variety..always the same old talk back or head banging, with the exception of a community broadcaster. So I find I now have hours of 'my type' of music etc; so many thanks and keep up the good work!
Regards & Best Wishes,

Doug.  18/10/2012

Radio 1629 AM Newcastle,


I just want to say how much I enjoy listening to your station.


I had the good fortune earlier in my life of playing in a small ensemble (for hire) at wedding receptions, country club dances and special events.


Much of the music played by your station is music I played between 1969 and 1975.


Our selections ranged from the 30’s to the early 70’s, but always an “easy listening” style.


I am listening to “Moonglow” as I type this—and since we were only an instrumental group—hearing words to the song that I never knew.


So I just looked on Google Street View.



I am surprised that your location is in a residential neighborhood.


I am an Amateur Radio operator (ham radio-talk around the world, disaster communications-“When all else fails…”-etc.)


I am surprised at the size and height of your tower.


But perhaps with the Internet, your coverage is much greater than anyone would have imagined just 20 years ago.


Touring Australia on vacation is on my wife’s “bucket list”.


Looking over New Castle in Street View and linked pictures by private citizens, it looks like a nice place to live.


If we ever make it to Australia, we will have to look “you all” up. (A phrase from the southern US states like “youse guys” in the northeast states.)


Anyway, keep up the great broadcasts.  I’ll be listening.




Robert Bauer

Louisville, KY 40242

USA 29/9/2012

Love your station. Stream it for hours to my home theater system. I lived in Australia for quite a few years when I was younger and would have stayed with my immigrant visa but work and family forced me to return to America. Listening to your station takes me home to Australia again. Keep those oldies alive. Your the best I've found worldwide. Thanks Kathleen  S (America) Sept 2012
I didnt know this station existed till last week when I went to visit an old lady of 93 in the Mayfield Nursing Home, and she told me about the station. I love the music you play, at the moment I'm listening to country music I'd never even heard before. I was a 2nurfm fan, but now they come in second best
Anne A
Greetings from England

Dear 1629,


I write to thank you on behalf of myself and my son, Michael. I came across your radio station quite by accident; Michael bought me a reconditioned internet radio, which I tuned to "Australia". One of the first few stations that came up was 1629 Newcastle and I liked it very much. The radio is now permanently tuned to Newcastle and is used every morning and evening. You have a very good selection of music from the era that I remember well (I am 88): I also like the old comedy programmes, both the Australian ones and the BBC ones. This morning you broadcast a 30-minute programme by Doris Day - my favourite - containing some tunes that I had not heard for a very long time.

My son, using Google Street View, has shown me a picture of your station with the am aerial behind the studios and we are able to locate the addresses of those companies which you advertise.

As an incredible coincidence, there is a station here (Angel Community Radio from the Isle of Wight) that broadcasts the same type of music and old comedy shows as you do but they are just too far away for us to pick up easily, so that was what prompted us to search the internet for an alternative and we found you on the other side of the world!

Many thanks for your enjoyable programmes and best wishes for the future,


From Alan and Michael Edginton (Winchester, UK)


P.S. My son has typed this for me!


So glad to have discovered you. Whatever time of day I tune in I love your music. Unable to tune my lounge room system so listen on line. Keep cruisin' 1629am.

Been listening to 1629 for over a year on my internet radio. What a wonderful radio station with the best music in the world. It brings back lovely memories of when my family lived in Wallsend from 1954 to 1969. I attended Plattsburg Primary School and then Wallsend High School. We then went back to Germany. My sisters Ingeborg, Dagmar and I live in Bremerhaven (north Germany) and in some way it reminds me of Newcastle. It's a coastal city and use to have a lot of shipyards here. My father Otto use to work at the State Dockyard. Due to the time difference of 9 hours I only get to listen to some of the announcers like Alan Bidner who does a wonderful job and I'm sure the others are just as entertaining as he is. Thanks again for keeping the beautiful memories I have of Down Under alive.





.Just discovered your radio station. Love your music selection.
Can you increase your signal strength as We live at Woodville and the reception is not 100%.
Keep up the good work.

John & Wendy P
Woodville NSW
hi love your station i hear you in bonnie Scotland you play the music that cant be heard on any other radio station i have an internet radio and we are 11hours behind Newcastle 1629 but you are on 24/7so i can listen any time
keep up the good work
scott   Scotland (UK)



I am writing to you, because I have picked up your station "Unforgettable 1629" all the way here in Finland. Surprised? I sure was!

I was lucky to hear your station already in 2009, and I would highly appreciate receiving your confirmation of my reception.


First something about myself - I'm 46 years old, married and I have two sons, aged 17 and 15 years. Enclosed you can see a picture of us, taken a few years ago. I work as foreign news reporter for the Finnish Radio and TV, which is a national non-profit broadcaster just like the ABC in Australia.


You may wonder, how on earth I could hear your station this far. Well, it really wasn't an everyday event, but rather a combination of luck, experience and effort. For the past 30 years DXing, trying to catch far-away radio stations, has been my number one hobby. I have heard and received confirmations of reception from stations in over 200 countries and territories all over the world. My equipment consists of a "Perseus"

type communications receiver and an array of 1-kilometer-long wire antennas, one of which is pointing at your direction.


Conditions for AM listening are ideal up in Finland's northern region Lapland, far above the Arctic Circle, because there is ample space for long antennas, and hardly any man-made electrical noise or interference.

The weather outside can be extremely cold, and there is a lot of snow, but I was happy to stay inside a tiny cabin, listening to AM radio signals from around the world.


I heard your station on October 10, 2009, at 1:10 a.m. your local time on the frequency of 1629 kHz AM. The reception quality was naturally not very good because of the long distance and occasionally some interfering stations on the same frequency. However, I was able to catch your station identification by a male voice: "This ... timeless memories(?), this is Unforgettable 1629", followed by more music.


As a proof of having heard you, I am also enclosing a short MP3 recording of that station identification. For somewhat clearer reception, please use headphones. Can you recognize it as your station?


Hearing your station was such an astonishing experience for me that I would greatly appreciate your reply to confirm that it was indeed your station which I managed to pick up.


Wishing you all the best for the New Year 2012, and looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Mika Makelainen
(email sent  to 1629 on  27/12/2011)

Hi Peter


Just wanted to say thanks for grabbing some of my tracks via Amrap for your show and hope you enjoy them - nice to think of being heard in Newcastle


Hope all is going well with the show and that you continue giving voice to many unheard artisits



Matt Davidson - Mildsparrow


Dear Peter,


Just dropping you a line to say thank you for playing my music on your show.